The Prosperity Juice is BACK!

The Prosperity Juice is BACK!

All the gong-xi, gong-xi songs are in the air and the colour red is everywhere. Ready or not, the Earth Dog Year will soon be upon us!

To usher in the start of a prosperous Chinese New Year, we at Juice Works Malaysia are bringing back our most popular Chinese New Year drink, the Prosperity Juice!

Made from a mix of juices from the lovely mandarin orange, the heart-healthy guava, the super-fruit strawberry, and the ultimate favourite of a legendary empress – yes, it’s the juicy lychee – this drink is a delicious, fragrant and refreshing sorbet combo that will get you all geared up to embrace the best that the new year will bring.

The drink comes in three sizes: Junior (250ml and great for kids!), which retails at RM8.95; MIDI (450ml) which retails at RM10.95; and Power (600ml), which is priced RM12.95 (all prices quoted are inclusive of GST).

Here’s a little info on why the fruits we chose for this drink are great for you:

1.      Mandarin orange: This beautiful, seasonal fruit is low in calories, full of fibre and Vitamin C and A. No Chinese New Year is complete without a mandarin orange or two.
2.      Guava: Regarded as a heart-healthy fruit, the guava is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and potassium, which are great antioxidants and detoxifiers.
3.      Lychee: Packed with Vitamin C, potassium and fibre, it is also a great source of disease-fighting flavonoids. It also has magnesium copper, iron, manganese and folate -- all essential for blood circulation and formation!
4.      Strawberry: Juicy, fragrant and red, this delicate fruit is not just counted among the top 5 best antioxidant fruits in the world, but also found to be able to control or reduce blood sugar spike from excess intake of sugar! Given its amazing store of phytonutrients, there is also rising research interest in the fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties!

This special drink is available only for a limited period, from Jan 12, 2018 – till Feb 28, 2018. So get yours today and get an exclusive set of ang pow packets  for FREE, while stocks last.

And in anticipation of the coming festive holidays, we at Juice Works wish you a healthier, more prosperous and joyful Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai ah!

P/s: Juice Works has just launched their new out at DC Mall with exclusive drinks only available at DC Mall’s Juice Works.


Juice Works Malaysia is the pioneering fresh fruit juice company in the country where they are trusted by thousands of loyal customers to craft the finest concoctions using natural ingredients.

Founded by Jason Choy and Ling Mooi Li, the duo opened their first kiosk at The Curve shopping mall in December 2004. The single kiosk soon won acclaim for its menu of remarkably delicious yet healthy juices and power packed smoothies.

From that one kiosk, Juice Works Malaysia has evolved as the country’s premium fresh fruit juice and smoothie company specialising in a fabulous menu of over 30 handcrafted choices. The brand is renowned for creating healthy drinks that are freshly made to order, and which are so delicious that a return visit is guaranteed. From busy business executives to parents and health conscious consumers, Juice Works Malaysia has that perfect drink freshly made for every individual need.

Juice Works Malaysia is today found in 30 locations around the country with many more in the pipeline. To meet the increasing demand for wholesome lifestyles, Juice Works Malaysia offers franchise opportunities as part of its expansion plans, as well as mobile kiosks to serve up deliciously healthy drinks to go.

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  1. wah memang prosper lah minum jus ni macam2 ada dalam tu.. rasa kaya sekejap

  2. Terliur zaza nak try.. Nmpk jgk rkn lain update.. semestinya perisa laici jd pilihan zaza.. :)

  3. Rs mcm pnh tau pasal juice work ni.. tp lupa kat ne

  4. Wah sedapnya prosperity juice ni mimi. Nak cuba lah nanti.

  5. Ada empat jenis minuman ni .. semua nampak sedap-sedap ni .

  6. Jom jom berjuice gong xi fa cai

  7. Nampak sedap jus tu la.. Dekat sini tak ada lagi

  8. Tak pernah try lagi juice work ni. Ingatkan kat KL ja rupanya ada 30 lebih cawangan di Malaysia. Huhu.. Kena pi cari ni

  9. Ramai org post ni ye..macam nak kne rasa juice ni

  10. matii2 ingat prosperity air mcd hhheheheh

  11. Minum jus memang menyihatkan

    Ibu pun suka minum jus, selalu blend sendiri

  12. minum musim panas ni memang puas hati la tekak kan mimi.

  13. nasibbaik gambar air tak banyak.. tapi kaler oren memang memikat la..


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