School Of Collector Is Back Bigger At The School By Jaya One

School Of Collector Is Back Bigger At The School By Jaya One

School of Collector is back for the second time on 18th and 19th of November 2017. Organised by Dumpster, the event will be an eye-opening experience for vintage lovers to see, touch and feel beautiful artworks and collectible items.

Over 70 vendors giving you a selection of antiques, vintage, toys, hot wheels, comics, records, music memorabilia, film and many more, guests can also expect to see Vespas and a school bus, which are beautifully decorated with spray paints and designs. Some of the vendors will also bring exclusive items just for this event. It is a great opportunity to expose the younger generation to local and pop culture.

More on Collectors Market

Collectors Market is one of the initiatives kicked off by Dumpster - an effort to help collectors from all across the country by providing an avenue for them to sell off their antiques, vintage toys, musical memorabilia and vinyl, used second-hand items and many more. While some may think that "old items" are worth junk, some may find it an invaluable treasure they have been looking for, all their lives. This is exactly the value that Dumpster is built upon, to uphold the culture of buying and selling vintage items whilst taking that experience to a whole new level. 

By getting the famous “pasar karat” vendors from all over Malaysia such as from Kg. Berjaya Alor Setar, Rope Walk Penang, Riverside Seremban, Muar & Amcorp Mall KL, attendees can experience the Collectors Market all at one go at The School by Jaya One on the 18th & 19th of November 2017.

For more info, visit Collectors Market : 

School of Collector event page:


  1. Bestnya brgan antik ni. Kalau pakcik akk tau. Mesti dia suka ni

  2. Pencinta barangan vintage wajib ke sini. Mcm2 ada tu nampknya

  3. Just went to Jaya One last few weeks just for chimi churri hehe.

    oh and nak jmput join n meriahkan segmen GA Ray kt sini

  4. orang kata, pecinta barang2 antik ni jiwanya sentimental.. :)


  5. Cantiknya.. barang collectors mmg rare lah


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