Understanding Where Imported Maternal Milk Originates From

Mums-to-be need milk too. Read on to discover everything you need to know about maternal milk, including its ingredients, where it is made and what to look for when buying.

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for all women alike. It is very physically taxing, which is why many pregnant women turn to supplement their pregnancy diet with maternal milk to acquire the nutrients they need. With so many options available on the shelf, it can be difficult to choose the right one. On top of that, most of the good brands are imported, making it harder for us to truly study them. 

Do you often study the information on maternal milk products? Based on our experience, most people will often only look at the list of ingredients, its nutrients and the expiry date. However, the most important thing you should find out is actually the place of manufacture. You might be wondering, why is it so important to know where it is made?

Whenever we think of imported formulated milk powder, countries such as Australia and New Zealand come to mind. However, most of the quality maternal milk products are actually manufactured in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

Reasons Why Knowing the Origins of Maternal Milk Formula Is So Important


Which is better? Maternal milk that was manufactured in Southeast Asia, or the ones that were fully imported? First of all, you must learn about its two types of manufacturing processes, namely single manufacturing process and double manufacturing process.

Most milk products made in Southeast Asia go through a double manufacturing process while products that comes directly from a European country, like Holland (or other countries with large dairy farming) only go through a single manufacturing process. What does this mean?

A double manufacturing process means the milk is typically sourced from a western country, the cows are reared overseas, the milk is extracted from the farm and then transported to a factory to be made into powder. The powder is then shipped over to Southeast Asia for brands to include their own ingredients.

Milk powders that undergo a double manufacturing process will have its milk sourced from western countries. This means the cows are reared overseas, and all the milk that was extracted will be turned into powder before it gets shipped over to local stores. While it sounds fine, the milk powder will actually be put through multiple heat treatments, potentially destroying a lot of its natural nutrients.

Why Is the Single Manufacturing Process Better?

Milk powder products that undergo a single manufacturing process will have its milk extracted from cows within the country itself. What follows is only a mild heat treatment to convert it into powder, before being directly packaged and exported to Malaysia. This means that the brand has full control over the entire process, including the environment that the cows thrive in, as well as the temperature of the milk during transportation. Before the milk is converted into powder, it is carefully tested for the right colour and scent to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

Not only that, when a single manufacturing process is carried out, it is easier to preserve the natural nutrients of the milk to give expecting mummies exactly what they need for their pregnancy journey.

Choose a Milk Brand That You Can Trust

Ultimately, when deciding on a maternal milk brand, always make checking the product’s origin country part of your decision-making process. It is not just about additional fortified nutrients, but the source and journey of how these nutrients are packed to ensure the natural goodness in every glass. After all, mummies only want the best for their unborn child.

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