RAPH & REMY Stylish, Sustainable and Personalised Baby Essentials Designed for the Tropical Climate

RAPH & REMY Stylish, Sustainable and  Personalised Baby Essentials Designed for the Tropical Climate | Hi peeps! Selamat Hari Raya for all my Muslim friends. Today, no more Hari Raya visit, just stay at home and stay safe! So, back to normal track, update my blog, yeayy!! I want to share with all about an online store that sells a variety of very beautiful and cute baby's products. 

Online store that I want to share with you guys is RAPH & REMY. Perhaps, some of us never heard about this online store before. Me too never heard about it. But before I share more about RAPH&REMY with all, I want to told you all that I've been go through one by one all the baby's products in the store. OMG, I swear that you all will fall in love to shopping baby's products here. So cute!

Ermm, I think, I'm going to buy something very cute and beautiful for my 3 months baby, Amani at RAPH&REMY. Let's read my article until the end about RAPH&REMY. 

Stylish, Sustainable and Personalised Baby Essentials Designed for the Tropucal Climate

Guys! For your information RAPH&REMY was launched in 2019 by expat mama-and-papa duo Tiffany & Eric Okumu who have called Singapore home for nearly a decade.

RAPH&REMY has become the go-to brand for gift givers, new mamas and mamas-to-be! Offering safe, sustainable & stylish bamboo baby essentials & personalised baby gifts, designed with our tropical climate in mind, the label features baby products, textiles & apparels made with high-quality bamboo that is kind to baby’s skin and to the earth.

You can shop the label online at http://www.raphandremy.com/ with worldwide shipping available!

If you all want to give for your own baby or your friends' and relatives' baby with a cute, stylish and personalised baby gifts, RAPH&REMY is the answer! Just click the link that I provided and you will see all the cute stuff there. 

5 Reasons You Must Choose RAPH&REMY 

1. High quality, stylish and sustainable babywear - designed for the tropical climate

RAPH&REMY designs high quality premium bamboo baby essentials and baby gifts for the chic and modern mama who won't compromise on quality, is thoughtful about environmental impact and prioritises their precious baby's comfort in our tropical climate.

Their range features modern and well-designed products, apparel and textiles that are affordable, safe, eco-friendly, built for comfort in our tropical climate and that always arrive beautifully packaged!

2. Eco-friendly and OEKO-TEX® certified

All apparel and textiles are made with bamboo, an all-natural material that is kind to our body and to our earth.

An eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable resource, bamboo is three times more absorbent and softer than cotton and the fabric’s natural moisture-wicking abilities keep babies feeling fresh and odour-free, perfect for Singapore’s warm climate.

Bamboo material has supreme breathability and is also temperature regulating - meaning it keeps babies cooler in summer and warmer in winter - reducing the risk of overheating, putting parent’s minds at ease and the perfect choice of fabric for our tropical climate. Bamboo is also naturally UV protectant and hypoallergenic - it won’t cause allergic reactions.

RAPH&REMY™ products are OEKO-TEX® certified, which means they have been tested to be free from over 100 chemicals known to be harmful to human health. This assurance is another point of difference for the brand!

3. Personalised baby gifts and gifts sets

Personalised gifts have become a huge player in the gift-giving world. Adding that extra special touch to personalise an item for a child, is a more heartfelt way to gift and creating a sense of ownership for a child is important!

RAPH&REMY have made this offering available on a range of their uniquely designed products! From teethers, organic bamboo blankets, swaddles, hooded towels & mitts to baby comforters, plush toys and even baby’s first outfit complete with a bow. Personalising baby gifts creates a significant, special and one of a kind gift. Check out their range of baby gifting ideas and pre-made gift sets, or have some fun creating your own!

4. EVERY item is beautifully packaged!

RAPH&REMY take great pride in the trust their customers place in them, to deliver a beautifully packaged gift, and they create an unboxing experience like no other! Every part of the customer journey is considered and so much thought and attention to detail is placed into every single item being sent out! You just need to jump onto their Instagram story reviews icons to see the gorgeous unboxing videos their customers can’t help but create and share all over their socials!

5. They give back!

RAPH&REMY have partnered with The Red Pencil (Singapore) Humanitarian Mission, to donate 20% of all sales from our eco-friendly, reusable premium tote bags to this wonderful cause.

The Red Pencil is a Singapore based charity with a mission to bring the benefits of arts therapy (drawing, music, movement and dance) to children and low income families who have been through overwhelming and traumatic life circumstances such as life-threatening illness, violence and abuse, for which they may have no words.

‘When we rescue the child, we save the adult’

Interesting right? So, for more information about RAPH&REMY, visit :




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  1. salam aidilfitri mimi, maaf zahir batin, nampak comel dan bersih kalau baby dipakaikan baju warna putih atau pastel. yang pasti sekarang memang ramai suka custom made baju dan selimut letak nama anak. buat kenang kenangan

  2. Warna baju-baju dia semua lembut ajer. Takde warna yang terang2 sebab nak bagi bayi tenang memakainya.

  3. Alahai comel nya la barang-barang baby ni. geram nengok nya. Rasa nak beli je tapi takde baby kecik lagi ni ehehe

  4. Guess have not heard of this label before this but looks cool. Must be expensive or reasonable.

  5. cantik dan selesa nampak semua baju baby Raph & Remy nie.. Boleh bagi hadiah kat kawan2 yang baru bersalin nanti..
    ~Salam perkenalan dari Fara Sofea Dot Com..

  6. The products certainly look cute! And the fact that the products are eco and baby friendly makes them even more appealing for the parents. All parents want to give the best to the precious bundle of joy right.

  7. warna dia cantik, design pun nampak eksklusif! Sesuai untuk parents yang pentingkan gaya dan nak nampak trendy.

  8. Auuuwwwwww!!!!!!!! This are lovely products for babies. Plus, it looks sophisticated. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Wah.. bagusnya blh shopping onlibe di RAPH & REMY.mcm2 blh beli n tgk yg mana berkenan

  10. ada gak terbaca pasal brand ni hari tu. menarik juga. yg penting guna bahan selamat utk baby

  11. Alahai kalau ada anak dah beli dah semua produk RAPH & REMY ni. Nampak exclusive sangat

  12. Alalala.. Cutenyaa barangan baby ni.
    Barang baby ni paling best kalau nak buat cuci mata dan cuci poket kan..
    Lagi best bila tengok comel je anak guna..

  13. Sangat bagus, semua dari bahan dan su,ber organic...bagus buat anak yang ada enzema ni...lawa plak tote bag dia...nak share kata dik minta dia cuba..

  14. Comelnya barang-bang baby dia. Kalau ada baby lagi confirm nak beli hehe

  15. atotoot kemain babies nyeee products semua nak comel2..

  16. All the product look so cute. I’m still looking for baby gear. Will check this out.

  17. Semua nyer so cute, kebetulan tengah nak cari barang baby for my rakan sekerja baby full moon gathering.


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