5 Reasons Why Malay Language is Easy to Learn

5 Reasons Why Malay Language is Easy to Learn

Are you looking for effective Malay teachers? Do you find it hard to train and teach your kids all by yourself? You don’t have to worry anymore because SmileTutor offers affordable Malay tuition. They have professional teachers to teach your little ones to master the Malay language. This is not only applicable to Malaysian or Singapore little citizens, but also for local and foreign who wants to learn more about Malay language and cultures.

Here are the reasons why you must learn Malay language:

• If you are a citizen living in Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Malay language should be important part of your everyday communication. Mother tongue should not be neglected for it preserves the culture of the nation. Though, in Singapore, many citizens there are using more the English language rather their mother languages. English is the widely commonly used by Singaporeans and Malaysian people for it is the language used in school, work, and at home.

• As foreign citizen, how good would it be to learn other language as you visit their place. Aside from travel experience, you can have great memories with Malay citizens as you had memorable friendly conversation with them. Building friendship with different culture certainly builds you social interaction with people. It will also help you to connect more people and understand various culture. Indeed, that would be a remarkable thing to treasure.

• Compared to other languages, Malay is easy to learn.

Why do Malay language is easy to learn?

1. They don’t focus on tones to deliver the message.
For Western country people, they are not use to tonal languages. So, when you are one these Western people or a person who lives in country without tonal language, Malay would be easy for you. You may learn the language without giving too much focus on tones. Sometimes learning a language is somewhat confusing when it comes in learning tones and that is additional time of studying. Imitating their words and phrases is not as hard as imitating Chinese language.

2. Borrowed language.
Malay language also borrowed from different countries like Dutch, Sanskrit, and Arabic. This is what you called relative language. Aside from these countries, some other places use Malay as part of their language.

3. Agglutinative language.
Malay is called “agglutinative” which means using too much prefixes and suffixes in their words. The words are not hard to follow because some words just needed prefixes and suffixes to change the meaning. For English speakers, this is an easy task for them.

4. Malay language is not strict on their grammar rules. 
Yes, they have rules to follow but it is not the main challenge in learning their language. If you say the key words or the main idea of the sentence, Malay residence could understand what you are saying. There are no grammar complexities in Malay, no specific term for genders, no verb tenses, plurals, and some other more. You’ll learn their language in no time.

5. No complex script in writing.
You might learn first their alphabet before learning the right pronunciation of each word. When you decide to learn the Malay language, it is also best to learn their style of writing. The style of writing is highly phonetic Latin script.

Why choose SmileTutor?

SmileTutor received great feedback from parents and even foreign with the way they are serving their clients. So, what do SmileTutor provides for variety of client they have?

1. Professional teachers.
Before SmileTutor accepts tutors, they meticulously check their background and perform tests to see if they are qualified enough.

2. Affordable Malay tuition.
In Singapore, home tutoring prices is extremely high, and noble or middle-class families are the only one who could afford to send tutors to their children. You don’t have to worry anymore, because through online Malay course, you can save more money, and learn Malay language instantly.

3. They serve their clients with the best of their abilities.
Sometimes in school, teachers tend to let the students do their own ways instead of “teaching” them. Some of them just leave assignments or seat works without focusing much on the subject. In Malay tutoring, they will focus teaching on you one-on-one. They give assurance that all the money you have to pay is all worth the price.

4Friendly Tutors.
Malay teachers are friendly and easy to approach. They are patient enough to teach you slowly if you are finding it hard to learn at first. Do not be afraid to ask them questions if you are being confused.

Learn Malay language in efficient way. You can easily find a suitable Malay tutor through SmileTutor agency. Everything you need to learn regarding Malay language and culture is here in this online course. The enrollment is easy, and the tuition is truly affordable. Get started now and click the link.


  1. Bahasa melayu antara bahasa yg mudah dipelajari. Tak caya cer tanya mat dan.hehe

    1. Betul tu... Tengok saja Mat Dan, kemain fasih ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. No wonder lah Bahasa melayu ramai yg senang nak berlajar Kan. Ada seorg jepun customer company mama, Kita duk cakap mix melayu English.. dia cakap full BM. Dalam.whatsapp pun rilek and in bm

  3. Dulu masa Kak Sue kerja kan, manager orang Jepun tapi boleh cakap melayu sikit-sikit tau.. tapi macam lorat Indon sikit bunyi sebab sebelum tu dia kerja kat Indon

  4. Ohh, smile tutors??
    Baru pernah dengar ini ... yes, kebanyakan..dorang belajar bahasa Indon..kat sekolah dulu, kalau ada pertukaran pelajar, dorang belajar bahasa indonesia...yang paham melayu indon...bolehla borak ngan dorang...

  5. bahasa yang mudah di pelajari. info yang baus mimi

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