Review : [Novel] Her Resurrection

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I had the opportunity to review a novel written by Soumyadeep Koley containing 159 pages, "Her Resurrection". It tells about the struggle and the rise of a woman named Maya who is a victim of sexual abuse since her childhood. She is despised by men who think that women should not acquire higher education and are only fit to be a housewife. The main problem here is that they also regard woman as sex slaves.

The author has written in a very lucid manner.

In the story, Maya’s father considers his daughter as a burden on him. Further she is almost raped by one of her friends in her village.

The destruction of Maya’s life begins when she refuses to get married off by her father at the age of 8 with a man named Shittuppam because she wants to go to school and be a successful woman.

Later on she is raped by Shittuppam and forced into prostitution by a man who befriends her. She manages to escape from prostitution and the story of her rise begins.

She starts a new life by working at a motorcycle shop until she is fired by her boss after he gets to know her status as an ex-prostitute. Then, she meets Siddharth, a journalist and falls in love with him until she is rejected as he gets to know about her pregnancy. Then, Maya meets an honest police officer who treats her with respect.

I have learnt a lot from this novel and I would like to share it.

Firstly people must realise that a girl if given the right environment can rise up and become as successful as her male counterparts. Secondly, people should be made aware of the dangers of casual sex which are responsible for the spread of deadly diseases such as AIDS. Thirdly this novel should also open the eyes of the parents so that they come to know the importance of sexual education for their children which will help them to differentiate between right and wrong.

This novel also inspires women not to give up and strive hard to achieve their goals. The novel clearly says women must be respected and must be given a chance to flourish. Besides this the story also tells that we must not trust a new person immediately and must take conscious decisions so that we are not easily fooled.

The story can be adapted to a film and can be a source of inspiration to women around the world to defend their rights and to rise from adversity to succeed in life. I give it 4 stars out of 5.


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